Change Is a Habit That You
Exercise Every Day

(V. Perinelli)

Where Did The Greatest Leaders Go To School?

Not only you want to be a leader… you want to be a great leader! But… wait a minute… where do you learn GREATNESS??

This Is The One Reason Why Being Lazy Is a Good Thing

Why take a hundred decisions, when you just need one? Begin with the end in mind and take a straight line to your success…

The Number One Reason Why You'll Never Be A Leader

“If you want something done right, do it yourself” goes the old saying… what if it was just your way of disguising your fear?

Are You Scared
Of Falling Into A "Down" Moment?

Should you always be on top of the world and be scared of falling into a ‘down’ moment? What happens when you do?

Don't Trust Me...
I Don't Care About You!

If you do this, it’s like walking around with a glowing neon sign saying “don’t trust me, despite what I say, I don’t care about you”

The Power Of
Calling Things By Their Name

What if your company told you the truth? What if you tried to improve our weaknesses instead of hiding them?

What Are You?
Leader Or Follower?

How to detect the virus of “leadership” in your organism? If your behaviour reveals leadership antibodies… that’s not good news!

Do You Know How To Achieve ANY Result In Corporate Life?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve ANY result? The answer is muuuch simpler than you think…

The 7-Step Countdown to Ignite Your Career | (c) 2020 VIP Straightline
The 7-Step Countdown to Ignite Your Career | (c) 2020 VIP Straightline

Mirror On The Wall, What’s The Scariest Word Of All?

Workload! Pressure!! Stress!!! Deadlines!!! And you think these are scary words? But there’s one that beats them all… And you’ll be ready to lie to avoid it!

4 Reasons Why Complaining Was MY Master Trick

It’s official! We are human and we looove to complain! Here are the 4 cases when complaining is not only fun, but also becomes a clever way to disguise yourself!

The 3 -Wrong- Ways To Escape Failure... Revealed!

Are you “one who never fails”? Maybe until the day the big crash comes!! If you do these three things… My dear… you’d better get prepared!

My Biggest Lie: «I Don’t Have The Time»

Always in a hurry and always complaining, but what lie am I telling myself?? My 3 tips for killing the myth that you don’t have the time.

Oh, No!! I'm Not Ready! I Still Need Another Training!!!

You have a ton of certifications, but you’re right! You’re not good enough! Maybe another piece of training will help! Maybe two… but, certainly three is better!

My 3 Secrets To…
Avoid Disaster!

When we feel good, it’s a human thing to hope that nothing will change… but here’s why this will lead you to disaster… (and my 3 secrets to avoid it!)

Just Feeling a Spectator
of Your Corporate career?

Just Feeling a Spectator
of Your Corporate career?

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Just Waiting Your Turn?

March 30, 2021 is getting closer!!… But, are you just being a SPECTATOR of your corporate career?

March 30, 2021 is approaching...

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Coach With Me And Support The Charity Of Your Choice

The beginning of it all! Coaching For Charity was a pre-Covid initiative that generated almost 10.000 euros in donations to charities around the world. THANK YOU!

(About Your Growth…)

Hello, my network! Do you know what happens the day you decide to take your growth seriously? (just a tip: fasten your seat belt…)

Do You WANT To GROW? You Just Need ONE THING!

Hello, my network! We’re in 2020. Do you feel like you are wasting your time? Like the more you wait, the more opportunities you miss? Then you just need ONE THING….