The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Success Is a Straight Line

(V. Perinelli)

Come and Grab The Secret Weapons That I Have Acquired in 25 Years of Experience

Stop randomly experimenting in different directions. I have the secret weapons you need to boost your success as a manager.

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Valerio Perinelli

(Founder of VIP Straightline)

A passionate musician, Valerio Perinelli lived and worked in Italy, in France and the United Kingdom over the past 25 years.

Currently General Manager in a major Italian insurance group, among other jobs, Valerio has led the worldwide commercial operations of the multinational unit of a world-leading insurance company.  Valerio has been a senior executive since 2006 and has enjoyed CEO roles since 2015.

From 2011, Valerio has mentored young talents from across the world, and after 250+ hours of training and 500+ hours of practice he has earned his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Massimo Capuzzo

(Founder of VIP Straightline)

A professional drone-pilot and photographer, Massimo Capuzzo is a senior manager in the insurance industry.

In his 25 years with a global multinational, he has been involved with Risk Management, Audit, Project Management and Information Security. He is currently Business Continuity manager in a global leading insurance multinational group, at the helm of the crisis unit for the Covid-19 emergency in Italy.

Massimo was part of the ‘Mentor for Charity’ programme in Africa for his group, and he currently serves as Mentor Alumnus at the LUISS University of Rome. Passionate about digital innovation, Massimo was Business Angel for start-up acceleration programmes.

The 7-Step Countdown to Ignite Your Career | (c) 2020 VIP Straightline
The 7-Step Countdown to Ignite Your Career | (c) 2020 VIP Straightline

Listen to the experience of those
who have joined VIP Straightline

Andrey Vorobyev | VIP-Private | VIP Straightline

Andrey Vorobyev

Trade Insurance and Finance Specialist | Head of Commercial Underwriting
VIP-Private since March 2020
“The true power of mentorship lies in helping people to profoundly understand their own objectives”.
This is what Andrey discovered, after his individual personal development program with Valerio helped him boost his corporate career at the age of 29.
Andrey had postgraduate experiences in Russia, Spain, Sweden and Germany, before moving to the UK, initially in a Sales Manager position.
"My career path was shaped by Valerio's recommendations. When I heard about VIP Straightline I immediately recognised its immense potential for those people who want to achieve exceptional results".
After his one-to-one mentoring programme with Valerio and thanks to his incredibly positive attitude, Andrey is today one of the youngest and best performing professionals in his industry, with a bright career path in front of him.
Thais Ventre de la Touloubre | VIP Platinum Club | VIP Straightline

Thaïs Ventre de la Touloubre

International Account Manager
VIP Platinum since February 2020
VIP Private since November 2021
Thaïs' professional history took her from Brazil, her homeland, to Germany and France, where she last landed in 2019. "I was looking for an acceleration in my professional growth, when I discovered VIP Straightline", says Thaïs.
In addition to the VIP Straightline online course, Thaïs embarked on a one-to-one coaching journey with Valerio, which led her to join the VIP Platinum Club. “I was surprised and thrilled with the results. I acquired a clear image of myself, of my environment, of my abilities and I learned to exploit my interaction with people, which is my passion!"
Eric Trijbels | VIP Exclusive Club | VIP Straightline

Eric Trijbels

Executive Director
Group Special Asset Management
VIP Exclusive Club since June 2020
Dutch citizen with incredibly solid international experience, gained in the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Australia and Singapore, where he currently resides. Eric was intrigued by the idea of boosting his career by helping those who had the power to help him.
The VIP Straightline’s online course "Always One Step Ahead" gave Eric the tools to progress and the clarity he needed to make an important decision about his future...!

Maria Concetta Pipitone

Client Manager | Large & Mid Corporates
VIP Platinum since March 2020
After a rapid growth in her corporate job in the financial sector, Maria was looking for opportunities to improve her self-awareness and to effectively set her personal and professional goals.
That is when she decided to enter the VIP Platinum Club. “With my one-to-one coaching with Valerio, plus last summer’s edition of ‘Always Stay One Step Ahead’ by VIP Straightline, I found out my own way to listen to my inner truth”.
This path allowed Maria to gain clarity on her goals, to understand where to improve her knowledge and skills, and she also learned how to save a lot of time in the process...
“In a period of just three months I have learned shortcuts and strategies, which would have taken years to learn, if I had to do it all alone!”
Simon Philpin | VIP Exclusive Club | VIP Straightline

Simon Philpin

Head of Business Development | Global | Trade Credit
VIP Exclusive Club since June 2020
In his 20+ years of experience, Simon held professional roles for which flexibility, strong and positive mind-set were key factors of success. “Historically, I have never been one for personal development courses”, says Simon, “but with Valerio, I thought why not give it a go? And I am glad I did!”
VIP Straightline’s "Always Stay One Step Ahead" programme introduced Simon to aspects he never considered before, which added more confidence in his approach to corporate life and which he could put into practice straight away. And something is happening to Simon’s career…!
Todd Lynady | VIP Platinum Club | VIP Straightline

Todd Lynady

Managing Director | Global Head of Insurance Sales and Business Development at LiquidX
VIP Platinum since February 2020
"At the beginning of this year I was at a crossroads”. After 20+ years holding positions of increasing responsibility within several global insurance and financial services companies, Todd felt that something was holding him back…
That is when Todd decided to work with someone to help him unlock his potential. “I was adamant, it must be someone who I could take seriously, based on what they have accomplished! So, when I heard of VIP Straightline, something really resonated with me”
The one-to-one programme with Valerio “helped me remind myself that I love building businesses”. This newfound passion was paramount in Todd’s decision to make a big move, which led him become a Senior Manager at New York based LiquidX!