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Valerio Perinelli | VIP Straightline | Always Stay One Step Ahead

Your Before

You spent years on your education, but how do you stand out from others in YOUR CORPORATE CAREER? You tell yourself “the time will come”, but the more you wait, the more opportunities you miss… AND THEY ARE NOT COMING BACK!!

Your After

You feel confident. You instantly see the big picture as if you were reading people’s minds… STANDING OUT IN A CROWD has never been so EFFORTLESS. You drive your success and you boost your corporate career. Your STRONG FINANCIAL POSITION is a simple consequence of your focus

How I got where I am

I was like you! I have fought wars and lost some battles. After almost 25 years in business, I HAVE MY SECRET TOOLKIT, but it took me time… TIME YOU DON’T HAVE!! Follow the straight line. GET MY SECRETS NOW.

The Power Of
Calling Things By Their Name

What if your company told you the truth? What if you tried to improve our weaknesses instead of hiding them?

Where Did The Greatest Leaders Go To School?

Not only you want to be a leader… you want to be a great leader! But… wait a minute… where do you learn GREATNESS??

My Biggest Lie: «I Don’t Have The Time»

Always in a hurry and always complaining, but what lie am I telling myself?? My 3 tips for killing the myth that you don’t have the time.

The 7-Step Countdown to Ignite Your Career | (c) 2020 VIP Straightline
The 7-Step Countdown to Ignite Your Career | (c) 2020 VIP Straightline
Valerio Perinelli | VIP Straightline | Your Evolution

VIP Straightline Is The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Success

“The greatest gift that I have received from my mentors was to stop erratically testing things. When I became a mentor myself, I decided that my role was to help my mentees focus their energies and accelerate their success.

You know that the shortest distance between two points in space is a straight line. That’s why VIP Straightline exists today…

Come and grab my secrets… Let me be your mentor! VIP Straightline is the shortest distance between YOU and your success”

(V. Perinelli)